Ranger Profiles

We look forward to introducing you to our rangers and trackers who will be responsible for all your game viewing activities:

Meet the Team

Sam Mathebula


Sam Mathebula

I was born in the Klaserie Nature Reserve, (a stone's throw away from Thornybush) I am 44 years young and a father to a son and two daughters.

At a very young age I had a keen interest in animals and at the young age of 19 I decided to attend a tracking academy. I obtained my level 2 tracking qualification, and got my first job as a tracker soon after I graduated.

I went on to obtain my level 3 and 4 tracking qualification over the next few years in various Nature Reserves. I am only one year away from obtaining the ultimate tracking qualification of becoming a Master Tracker.

Sam looks forward to welcoming you at Shumbalala with his warm friendly smile where you can experience his great skills out in the natural habitat of the big 5

Francois van Rhyn


Francois van Rhyn

Since I can remember I knew that I will end up doing something animal related as I've always been interested in animals and nature.

Being a wildlife enthusiast, I followed my dream in becoming a Wildlife Photographer. During this remarkable experience I found myself where I always dreamt of being... in the BUSH!
Shortly after the photography course I pursued my dreams further and became a field guide.

I am so fortunate to be working at a world renowned Lodge in the heart of Big 5 territory, where my dream and my job became my lifestyle.
I am amazed at how much the bush has to offer and how much I still get to learn from it.

Come and join us in the amazing and brilliant experience we call, Safari.