Essential Tips for a Winter Safari in South Africa’s Greater Kruger

Posted on Mon June 3, 2024.

Welcome to winter in the Lowveld! Your daily forecast for months June through July is as follows:

An icy morning chill from 5am, brisk spring freshness around 10am, glorious midday summer sunshine at 2pm, followed by a brisk autumn chill between 5 and 6pm.

It’s a bit of a weather-y rollercoaster, but it’s easy to add and shed clothes as the temperatures rise and fall, and the predictability to our winter-time weather is just one of the many great reasons this season is a favourite for most international safari-goers. Winter is our dry season, so aside from the occasional misty morning, this time of year delivers the clearest, brightest, bluest skies, and the most extraordinary sunsets.

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Our tiny heroes - Little creatures that make all the difference

Posted on Mon May 13, 2024.

South Africa boasts a rich diversity of amazing animals that are well-known and universally sought after by safari-goers. Some are unique, others are rare, many are simply beautiful to behold, and all play an important role in our natural ecosystem. But if we adjust our focus and turn our eyes to some of the smaller creatures that share our environment, we find a host of lesser known (and often unloved) species that play such pivotal roles in our ecosystems that we really couldn’t get by without them.

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Five Must-Read Books for Wildlife and Safari Enthusiasts

Posted by Tania on Fri April 19, 2024.

In April, we celebrate World Book Day - a time to reflect on the pivotal role that books continue to play in enriching our lives. We particularly value how books can ignite incredible journeys and deepen our understanding of the environments and creatures we encounter on safari. Whether you’re preparing for your next South African adventure or simply dreaming of the wild from your living room, we’ve curated a list of five essential reads for you to enjoy.

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Discover Five Timeless Trees of the Lowveld

Posted on Fri March 29, 2024.

Here in the Thornybush Private Nature Reserve, every tree tells a story of adaptation, survival, and ecological importance. At Shumbalala Game Lodge, we're excited to guide you through the remarkable features of five distinct trees that stand out for their unique contributions to the Lowveld ecosystem. From the towering heights of the largest tree to the subtle allure of the most fragrant one, these trees are not just part of the landscape; they play crucial roles in supporting and sustaining the diverse wildlife and natural balance of the area.

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Recipe: Shumbalala Game Lodge’s Famous Homemade Rusks

Posted on Thu January 25, 2024.

At Shumbalala Game Lodge, we're passionate about creating experiences that embody the authentic spirit and essence of our surroundings. A quintessential part of this experience is the delight of indulging in our famous homemade rusks, a traditional South African treat that brings a sense of homeliness and comfort with every bite.

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