Edward & Danielle Reynolds

Posted on Tue March 23, 2021.

We can say, without a doubt, that it is our staff that makes Shumbalala Game Lodge the special place that it is.

Meet Edward & Danielle Reynolds - our dynamic Field Guide and Hostess couple:

“Africa is not just a place. It is a feeling. Africa defines our soul and people can feel it”


Edward: For Danielle & I, this quote cannot be more true.
Before we met, we lived very different lives but always had a love and a passion for the African Bushveld. We did not always work in the hospitality industry but life sure has a funny way of bringing you right to the very place you were always meant to be.

I knew from a very young age that I love the bush and that this is where I wanted to live and work as an adult.
I have a very deep passion for the bush and all it has to offer. I love birding and sharing my knowledge with my guests. My father instilled in me the love


 for bird watching and it is something I keep with me and treasure every day. I grew up in Johannesburg and as a small boy my father made sure that we would know and love Africa. We spent many school holidays roaming the vastness of the Kruger National Park, searching for adventure. It was here where my dad taught me to love and appreciate the small things in the bush just as much as we admire and respect the mighty big 5.

Making the decision to start a career as a Professional Field Guide changed my life in so many ways. I have finally found my passion!
It was here at Shumbalala where I started growing into my full potential under the guidance of Victor, the manager at Shumbalala and my father-in-law, and where I met my wife, Danielle.
Shumbalala has taught us so much about appreciating the finer details in everything – attention to detail is after all what Shumbalala prides themselves for.

Danielle: I have always been Africa’s child. Being brought up on a game farm, the bushveld is a part of who I am. I might not have known exactly where life may lead me, but it has always been clear that my home is in the bush. My love for the bush has been instilled in me by my parents, who have just as much passion for this area as I do. I have always looked up to them as role models and continue to learn from them every day. My Dad & I wrote the Field Guide exam together to further educate ourselves on the bush we both love so much. Although I also did my stint in the corporate world, I eventually made my way back to where I was always meant to be – right here at Shumbalala Game Lodge, the very heartbeat of the bushveld. I made the decision to start getting involved in the family business in 2015 and have made a soaring success of it. Edward & both fell in love with the bush and with Shumbalala. Being part of my family’s business and embracing my grandfather’s legacy is an incredible honour. My grandfather took ownership of Shumbalala in 1999, we would often come to Shumbalala to visit and spend some much-needed quality time with our family. Never did I image that Shumbalala would become the center of everything I hold dear! We were all raised to value & respect the meaning of ‘family’, so being able to work closely with my family is a true testament to the strength of a family that stands together, and who look after each other through sunshine and stormy weather.


Edward & I met at Shumbalala as colleagues in 2017 and sparks flew! The following year we were married at our sister property, Franschhoek Country House & Villas. We are connected by our shared love for the bush - Shumbalala has played a very big part in our story together. Being in the position to run this amazing lodge has been the greatest honour, something we both cherish and respect.

As yet, we do not have any children and we are making the most of our time together in the bush, learning and growing together. We love adventure, going out and seeing what the bush has to offer. Being able to share our story and our life with our guests who become a part of our lives has been the greatest privilege. We cannot wait to meet all the guests who are going to cross our paths and to instil our passion for the bush in them!