Celebrating Women’s Month at Shumbalala Game Lodge

Posted on Mon August 21, 2023.

As Women’s Month is celebrated across South Africa, we at Shumbalala Game Lodge are overflowing with gratitude for the phenomenal women in our team. Whether they are ensuring our guests' comfort, whipping up culinary delights in the kitchen, or making our guests feel right at home in the bush, their roles are pivotal. When you get to know these remarkable women you learn that their life stories are full of perseverance, selfless kindness, and service to others. Despite the challenges they’ve faced, they’re still dancing optimistically through life, serving with a smile.

Meet the amazing women who work at Shumbalala Game Lodge – the women who add soul and warmth to our guests’ experiences:

Meet Our Housekeeping Team

Our housekeeping department is home to the skilled Shiela, Gertie, Lillian, and Regina. Together, they ensure our guests enjoy the utmost comfort. Their meticulous attention to detail, dedication, and sincere warmth are manifest in all they do.

Gertie: Gertie is a dynamo of energy, determination and compassion. Always keen to assist, she frequently steps in to help in the kitchen and doesn't hesitate to aid our handyman with other chores. When she's not at work, she's dedicated to keeping her home in top shape and nurturing her garden. It seems she's always on the go!

Regina: Before joining us, Regina began studying public administration at college, but a compassionate detour led her back home to care for her ailing mother and her sister’s children. Having also helped raise the youngest of her six siblings, it’s clear that Regina has a deep-rooted sense of family, duty and responsibility. Her nurturing spirit endears her to our guests and makes her the perfect fit for our team. 

Liilian: Lillian, on the other hand, embarked on her hospitality journey with an internship at &Beyond Ngala Safari Lodge, followed by a rewarding period at Moholoholo. Lillian feels that her role here at Shumbalala Game Lodge is not just a job but a fulfilling challenge. In her leisure time, Lillian channels her creativity into crafting warm and stylish slippers.

Sheilah: Sheilah has been with us since 2000, showing incredible dedication in housekeeping and beyond. She will soon be embarking on a new chapter in her life, and we wish her all the best. Thank you, Sheilah, for your years of service, you will be missed! 

Meet Our Exceptional Female Chefs

Sindrellah: Sindrellah has been a breath of fresh air since her arrival more than a year ago, and has recently taken the reins as Shumbalala Game Lodge's Head Chef. Originally from Bushbuckridge, she sharpened her culinary prowess in the Lapalala Reserve and further developed her expertise during a stint at Singita. Although Sindrellah embarked on an Information Technology course at Tshwane College, her fervent passion for cooking and baking took centre stage. Beyond her culinary feats at the lodge, she's an accomplished poet, delving into heartfelt themes of forgiveness and love. She is also passionate about teaching her community how to prepare delicious and healthy meals at home.  

Mavis: Mavis is part of our culinary brigade and we look forward to sharing her journey and stories soon. Stay tuned!

Introducing Our Front of House and Hospitality Team

Danielle: One of the first to greet guests, Danielle thrives on the awe and anticipation of our guests, especially first-timers, as they immerse themselves in the lodge's comfort and beauty. She embodies the unique spirit of Shumbalala Game Lodge. Danielle is a rising star; her remarkable calmness and composure in all situations has led to her recent promotion to Assistant Lodge Manager. Congratulations, Danielle!

Ulani: Born and raised in Zimbabwe to a South African/Afrikaans family, Ulani moved to Johannesburg to study Hospitality Management at the renowned Swiss Hotel School. Throughout her rigorous studies, she learned to balance intense academics with practical internships, and she soon unveiled her deep-rooted passion for hospitality. The essence of her profession, for Ulani, lies in the global connections she fosters daily. She treasures the myriad stories shared by guests, cherishing the global narratives that unfold around her.

Irene: A charismatic waitress with a warm and vibrant personality, Irene has quickly become a favourite at Shumbalala Game Lodge. Beyond her precise and dedicated table service, Irene showcases her versatility by crafting delightful cocktails.  The intricacies of wine have become a passion of hers too, and her pursuit of wine knowledge is commendable. Feel free to ask her about the special collection in our lodge cellar. 

Polite: Polite serves as a waitress alongside Irene, and we're genuinely thrilled that she is part of our family. We look forward to sharing more stories about Polite soon!

Jeandra: Last but not least, we’d like to thank Jeandra for truly being the ‘glue that holds it all together’. With her unyielding dedication and her characteristic humour, Jeandra brings years of heartfelt expertise to Shumbalala Game Lodge. To all of us, she's more than a guide; she's a mentor who shares her wisdom generously. Since the lodge is a cherished family heirloom, her connection to this place isn't just professional, it's deeply personal - and we all feel that warmth.

As we shine a spotlight on the incredible women of Shumbalala Game Lodge this Women's Month, we are reminded of the monumental value each one brings to our establishment. Their diverse backgrounds, unique strengths, and fiery passions form the backbone of our lodge, promising guests an experience that's not only unforgettable but also deeply heartwarming. As we celebrate them, we're also inspired by their stories and hope they ignite a flame of recognition and appreciation in everyone who crosses their paths.

To all our female guests, we extend our heartfelt wishes this Women’s Month. We love playing a role in your journey, and sharing your inspiration and joy as you experience nature’s abundance with us.